Recording studio for Arabic projects

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been receiving quite a few emails from foreign clients asking us about how to choose which dialect they need to adopt for the dubbing projects in Arabic. It also seems that all the soaps that are being dubbed into Arabic c are being done in the Syrian dialect. Well, ten years ago, the most popular soaps were dubbed in classical Arabic and they had as much impact if not more than the Syrian ones. In my opinion, Syrian dialect has picked up in the dubbing of soaps in Arabic, just because the production houses found it very cost effective to go to a Syrian company with highly competitive cost.

At DeafCat Studios, we believe that in order to reach the highest number of Arabic speaking people in the region, it is better if a soap is dubbed in a classical Arabic and not the Syrian or any other dialect. Classical Arabic is a beautiful and very rich language and it brings a lot of value and class to any project.

Imagine if all those Turkish soaps were dubbed in classical Arabic, wouldn’t have they sounded better?